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Bridgestone A005 Titel
Bridgestone A005 Titel
*Bonus limited to a total value amount of £2.000. Further detailed information can be found under Terms and Conditions!
This offer is valid from 01.10.2018 to 18.11.2018 resp. while stocks last.
Alterations, extension and errors reserved. There is no right of appeal.


Participate now – it is quite easy:
  • Buy at least 2 Weather Control A005 all-season tyres during the promotion period 01.10.2018 – 19.11.2018 at mytyres.co.uk or tirendo.co.uk.
  • Register online on this website and upload your proof of purchase.
  • Receive your BestChoice shopping voucher via e-mail – it is as simple as that.
  • Get your voucher via e-mail – simply and conveniently.
Bridgestone Prämienaktion
Wet Grip

EU label grade “A”, the highest ranking label for wet grip
Qualified Snow

Certified 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake marking (3PMSF)
Wear Life

Offering the same mileage as our premium summer tyres

*Fuel efficiency: B–C, wet grip A, noise level: 2 (70–72 dB)